I don’t think I need to say anything further as the title ‘Easy and Healthy snack ideas’ conveys it all. I follow quite a few Paleo specific groups on Facebook and one thing that often pops up as a matter of huge discussion is the lack of snacking options.

Everyone seems to be super tired of the options they have at hand and are continuously seeking for new ideas for easy and healthy snacks… Then there is also a question of what is really at hand v/s keeping a bank of recipes with yourself and never really having the right time to make them… I mean, while paleo cookies or veggie fritters might be fantastic options are we REALLY prepared with enough cookies and fritters when hunger strikes? 8 times out of 10 no! And if you are a better planner than most of us out there, there will still be times during that devil of an evening hour before dinner when you will make terribly wrong choices only to regret later!

Celery Sticks & Almond Butter

The thing about hunger is that it needs to be satiated immediately and quickly… whether you agree with me or no it behaves like a reflex… we will most definitely pick up the first thing we see and we will gobble it up… and hence, I endeavor to be prepared with rather simple recipes and tricks!

Paleo Stuffed dates

Well, to begin with, I like to be prepared with filling my house with healthy fruits and veggies within visible boundaries… When you see healthy you are bound to eat healthy! Secondly, I always like to give myself a chance with liquids before I dump in those solids.. cuz we often confuse thirst for hunger and so load up those green teas, flavored waters, black coffees, fresh juices or just a simple glass of filtered water!


Paleo Zucchini Hummus

And for those times when the REAL hunger does strike here are my 4 go-to snacking recipes which not only satiate hunger and pull me through the evil hour but leave enough room for legit food thereafter!

Masala Trail Mix


Here you go!

[lt_recipe name=”Spicy and Tangy Almond Butter and Celery sticks” summary=” Nothing beats the simplicity of Celery sticks and Almond butter when they are spiced with simple seasonings …” servings=”1″ total_time=”5M” print=”yes” ingredients=”Celery sticks – 2;Almond Butter-As per need;Seasoning:; Salt, Black Pepper, Chilli Flakes and Lemon squeeze” ]Chop the celery sticks into half;Apply Almond butter in the small vertical gaps of the celery sticks;Season with salt, pepper and lime juice;Enjoy!;[/lt_recipe]

[lt_recipe name=”Stuffed Dates – Paleo, Vegan” summary=”When craving for something sweet this one is a great treat …” servings=”1″ total_time=”5M” print=”yes” ingredients=”Medjool dates with pits removed – 6;Coconut cream-2 tablespoons;Apple Cider Vinegar – 1 teaspoon; Garnish:; Coriander leaves” ]Combine coconut cream and apple cider vinegar and mix well;Dump in the cream in the pitted date;Garnish with coriander leaves;Enjoy!;[/lt_recipe]

[lt_recipe name=”Masala Trail Mix” summary=”A super munchie to satisfy your snack time cravings, these are not only nutritious but incredibly tasty” servings=”4″ total_time=”10M” print=”yes” ingredients=”Sunflower Seeds -1/3rd cups;Pecan Nuts-1/3rd cups;Chopped almonds -1/3rd cup; Ghee – 1/2 tablespoon (If vegan – use palm shortening or any other preferred fat); Seasoning – Salt, Black Pepper, Red Chilli Flakes;” ]To a heated skillet add ghee and when the ghee melts add in the pecan nuts, sunflower seeds and almonds and sauté them for 4-5 minutes until golden brown;Add in the seasonings and cook for 1 more minute;Turn of the heat and let cool;Store in airtight container;Enjoy with a squeeze of lime and just a hint of maple syrup or honey!;[/lt_recipe]

[lt_recipe name=”Zucchini Hummus with veggies” summary=”A delicious and healthy treat this one is always delight to team up with veggies, for use in pastas and other food pairings of your choice” servings=”4″ total_time=”5M” print=”yes” ingredients=”Zucchini – 1 medium (chopped);Avocado oil – 1/4th cup;Lemon Juice – 1/4th cup; Coriander leaves – 2 tablespoons; Salt – 1/2 teaspoon; Dried Basil Leaves – 1/2 teaspoon; Red Chilli flakes – 1/2 teaspoon; Avocado – 1/2; Garnish:;Toasted Sesame seeds;”]Mix all the ingredients in a blender and blend them into a smooth paste;Garnish with sesame seeds;Enjoy with freshly cut veggies like carrots and cucumbers!;[/lt_recipe]

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