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green-smoothieHey there,

You probably stumbled upon this site while searching for some Paleo recipes that you can adopt because you read an article somewhere which stated that Paleo is the latest diet that makes you thin for real, or probably you are facing some serious health issues and finally decided to take charge.. Either ways I’m so glad we met.

Before we actually dive into What is Paleo and what does one need to do in order to follow it, Id like to bust two commons myths related to Paleo. 1. Paleo make you eat stuff that you hate 2. You can get back to your normal eating life after you have achieved your desired goals via Paleo. Well, if thats what you are looking for then i am afraid you’ve come to a wrong place.

PALEO IS NOT A DIET : I would in-fact go to the extent of saying that diet is too trivial a word to associate with an institution called Paleo. It is a lifestyle change that one needs to make which will help you cleanse your body, rid you off illnesses and get you thinking on your feet. Crave a burger or a pizza? Paleo can provide you with it! In mood for decadent desserts? Paleo has you covered! Want something spicy today? Paleo will be with you all the way! All you have to do is change the toxic ingredients with natural whole foods and Paleo can work the trick for you.


PALEO DOESN’T HAVE AN EXPIRY DATE: Honestly I’m yet to meet a person who says he hates being on a Paleo lifestyle after completely understanding it. Frankly, its business as usual. After following Paleo for a while you are automatically going to look for whole foods, take a food item  at a supermarket store and turn it around and look for the ingredients, you are automatically going to buy more greens, and automatically make your children fall in love with it.. just like the way you do for non paleo foods today. When there is so much delicious food around and especially that which is working wonders for your body mind and skin who is to say no?

Paleo makes you HEALTHIER, more BEAUTIFUL and WISER.


Paleo goes back in time like (literally) and maintains that you eat the stuff that cavemen ate in their times. That is anything which is high protein, high fibre and unprocessed. If you are a beginner it essentially means you have to eliminate wheat, dairy, sugar and all kinds of grains to train your body. What remains behind is a whole list of eggs, meat, nuts and seeds, herbs, spices, healthy oils and flours made out of whole foods. While this may seem hard in the beginning once you get accustomed to a Paleo life you see options and possibilities with almost everything.

As the Paleo community grew over a period of time it also evolved and introduced a few changes in terms of modern foods backed by science that can be incorporated in their lifestyles. These foods today include grass fed butter, ghee, rice and even indulgence in terms of quality red wine and dark chocolate (given the high amounts of beneficial nutrients these foods bring in). Can anything get this AWESOME now?

Still confused? Hang in tight. Based on my experiences I am compiling a 21 day meal plan which I am willing to give you away for free, just to get you started on this journey of change. Check with me again in 5 days!





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